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How does it work?

mynetfair mobile helps you creating mobile pages to present your content. It's a good way for companies to present further products informations, events, special offers. Choose the page structure, modify the design, and add content... it's all up to you to customize your page to make it unique! The package includes a shortlink ( and a QR-Code. You can publish them and spread them on the web, on your packaging and printed communication (flyers, visit cards...)

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Modules features

  • Pictures gallery & videos

    Upload your own company logo, photos or graphics to personalize your mobile websites and make it visually lovely. Make a dynamic content by creating image gallery or display youtube video.

  • Text & Internationalization

    Create your own content without limits and translate it into other language. The language detection of browser will display the good translation automatically!

  • Retrieve Data from mynetfair database

    Create your company and upload your products on Every information you enter will be displayed automatically on your company or products profils!

  • Socials

    Communicate with the world! Get new clients with social functions like sharing on facebook. Visitors your mobile site will be able to easely contact you, recommend your site or share your profil and content on facebook. You already have the possibility to add links to your own smartphone application. Send easly your QRCode by email!

  • Map

    Show where you are so customers will be able to find you easily .

  • Style & Design

    Personalize your mobile websites with your own style and let your creativity make the most beautiful mobile design ever.

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